CompTIA Project+ Certification Guide

Autor: J. Ashley Hunt

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Your perfect companion to prepare for and pass the CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 exam Key Features Manage project changes and deliver desired project outcomes Gain confidence in passing the PK0-004 exam with the help of practice questions Obtain insight from J. Ashley Hunt, an accomplished subject matter expert Book Description The CompTIA Project+ exam is designed for IT professionals who want to improve their career trajectory by gaining certification in project management specific to their industry. This guide covers everything necessary to pass the current iteration of the Project+ PK0-004 exam. The CompTIA Project+ Certification Guide starts by covering project initiation best practices, including an understanding of organizational structures, team roles, and responsibilities. You'll then study best practices for developing a project charter and the scope of work to produce deliverables necessary to obtain formal approval of the end result. The ability to monitor your project work and make changes as necessary to bring performance back in line with the plan is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project. The concluding chapters of the book provide best practices to help keep an eye on your projects and close them out successfully. The guide also includes practice questions created to mirror the exam experience and help solidify your understanding of core project management concepts. By the end of this book, you will be able to develop creative solutions for complex issues faced in project management. What you will learn Develop a project charter and define team roles and responsibilities Plan the project scope, schedule, budget, and risks Process change requests and work with procurement documents Close a formal project or phase and get an overview of Agile Project Management principles Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) and dictionary Discover best practices for identifying, analyzing, and responding to risk Gain important exam information and discover the next steps Who this book is for The CompTIA Project+ Certification Guide is for entry-level project managers who are looking for a common language and best practices in the IT project management space as well as a certification to excel in their career.
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