Hands-On Go Programming

Autor: Tarik Guney

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn Go programming with concise examples providing solutions to common problems Key Features Study Go programming with the help of short, modular, and concise recipes Overcome the most common challenges in Go Exploit the most exciting features of Go such as Goroutines Book Description With its C-like speed, simplicity, and power for a growing number of system-level programming domains, Go has become increasingly popular among programmers. Hands-On Go Programming teaches you the Go programming by solving commonly faced problems with the help of recipes. You will start by installing Go binaries and get familiar with the tools used for developing an application. Once you have understood these tasks, you will be able to manipulate strings and use them in built-in function constructs to create a complex value from two floating-point values. You will discover how to perform an arithmetic operation date and time, along with parsing them from string values. In addition to this, you will cover concurrency in Go, performing various web programming tasks, implementing system programming, reading and writing files, and honing many fundamental Go programming skills such as proper error handling and logging, among others. Whether you are an expert programmer or newbie, this book helps you understand how various answers are programmed in the Go language. What you will learn Manipulate string values and escape special characters Work with dates, times, maps, and arrays Handle errors and perform logging Explore files and directories Handle HTTP requests and responses Perform CRUD operations on a relational database Who this book is for Hands-On Go Programming is for you if you are a software developer interested in learning Go language, or anyone who wants to explore practical code examples.
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