Programming in C#: Exam 70-483 (MCSD) Guide

Autor: Simaranjit Singh Bhalla, SrinivasMadhav Gorthi

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

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Acquire necessary skills in preparing for Microsoft certification and enhance your software development career by learning the concepts of C# programming Key Features Prepare for the certification using step-by-step examples, and mock tests with standard solutions Understand the concepts of data security for secure programming with C# Learn to scale and optimize your application codebase using best practices and patterns Book Description Programming in C# is a certification from Microsoft that measures the ability of developers to use the power of C# in decision making and creating business logic. This book is a certification guide that equips you with the skills that you need to crack this exam and promote your problem-solving acumen with C#. The book has been designed as preparation material for the Microsoft specialization exam in C#. It contains examples spanning the main focus areas of the certification exam, such as debugging and securing applications, and managing an application's code base, among others. This book will be full of scenarios that demand decision-making skills and require a thorough knowledge of C# concepts. You will learn how to develop business logic for your application types in C#. This book is exam-oriented, considering all the patterns for Microsoft certifications and practical solutions to challenges from Microsoft-certified authors. By the time you've finished this book, you will have had sufficient practice solving real-world application development problems with C# and will be able to carry your newly-learned skills to crack the Microsoft certification exam to level up your career. What you will learn Explore multi-threading and asynchronous programming in C# Create event handlers for effective exception handling Use LINQ queries for data serialization and deserialization Manage filesystems and understand I/O operations Test, troubleshoot, and debug your C# programs Understand the objectives of Exam 70-483 and apply common solutions Who this book is for The book is intended to the aspirants of Microsoft certifications and C# developers wanting to become a Microsoft specialist. The book does not require the knowledge of C#, basic knowledge of software development concepts will be beneficial
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