Splunk 7.x Quick Start Guide

Autor: James H. Baxter

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn how to architect, implement, and administer a complex Splunk Enterprise environment and extract valuable insights from business data. Key Features Understand the various components of Splunk and how they work together to provide a powerful Big Data analytics solution. Collect and index data from a wide variety of common machine data sources Design searches, reports, and dashboard visualizations to provide business data insights Book Description Splunk is a leading platform and solution for collecting, searching, and extracting value from ever increasing amounts of big data - and big data is eating the world! This book covers all the crucial Splunk topics and gives you the information and examples to get the immediate job done. You will find enough insights to support further research and use Splunk to suit any business environment or situation. Splunk 7.x Quick Start Guide gives you a thorough understanding of how Splunk works. You will learn about all the critical tasks for architecting, implementing, administering, and utilizing Splunk Enterprise to collect, store, retrieve, format, analyze, and visualize machine data. You will find step-by-step examples based on real-world experience and practical use cases that are applicable to all Splunk environments. There is a careful balance between adequate coverage of all the critical topics with short but relevant deep-dives into the configuration options and steps to carry out the day-to-day tasks that matter. By the end of the book, you will be a confident and proficient Splunk architect and administrator. What you will learn Design and implement a complex Splunk Enterprise solution Configure your Splunk environment to get machine data in and indexed Build searches to get and format data for analysis and visualization Build reports, dashboards, and alerts to deliver critical insights Create knowledge objects to enhance the value of your data Install Splunk apps to provide focused views into key technologies Monitor, troubleshoot, and manage your Splunk environment Who this book is for This book is intended for experienced IT personnel who are just getting started working with Splunk and want to quickly become proficient with its usage. Data analysts who need to leverage Splunk to extract critical business insights from application logs and other machine data sources will also benefit from this book.
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