Burp Suite Cookbook

Autor: Sunny Wear

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Get hands-on experience in using Burp Suite to execute attacks and perform web assessments Key Features Explore the tools in Burp Suite to meet your web infrastructure security demands Configure Burp to fine-tune the suite of tools specific to the target Use Burp extensions to assist with different technologies commonly found in application stacks Book Description Burp Suite is a Java-based platform for testing the security of your web applications, and has been adopted widely by professional enterprise testers. The Burp Suite Cookbook contains recipes to tackle challenges in determining and exploring vulnerabilities in web applications. You will learn how to uncover security flaws with various test cases for complex environments. After you have configured Burp for your environment, you will use Burp tools such as Spider, Scanner, Intruder, Repeater, and Decoder, among others, to resolve specific problems faced by pentesters. You will also explore working with various modes of Burp and then perform operations on the web. Toward the end, you will cover recipes that target specific test scenarios and resolve them using best practices. By the end of the book, you will be up and running with deploying Burp for securing web applications. What you will learn Configure Burp Suite for your web applications Perform authentication, authorization, business logic, and data validation testing Explore session management and client-side testing Understand unrestricted file uploads and server-side request forgery Execute XML external entity attacks with Burp Perform remote code execution with Burp Who this book is for If you are a security professional, web pentester, or software developer who wants to adopt Burp Suite for applications security, this book is for you.
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