Mastering MongoDB 4.x

Autor: Alex Giamas

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Leverage the power of MongoDB 4.x to build and administer fault-tolerant database applications Key Features Master the new features and capabilities of MongoDB 4.x Implement advanced data modeling, querying, and administration techniques in MongoDB Includes rich case-studies and best practices followed by expert MongoDB developers Book Description MongoDB is the best platform for working with non-relational data and is considered to be the smartest tool for organizing data in line with business needs. The recently released MongoDB 4.x supports ACID transactions and makes the technology an asset for enterprises across the IT and fintech sectors. This book provides expertise in advanced and niche areas of managing databases (such as modeling and querying databases) along with various administration techniques in MongoDB, thereby helping you become a successful MongoDB expert. The book helps you understand how the newly added capabilities function with the help of some interesting examples and large datasets. You will dive deeper into niche areas such as high-performance configurations, optimizing SQL statements, configuring large-scale sharded clusters, and many more. You will also master best practices in overcoming database failover, and master recovery and backup procedures for database security. By the end of the book, you will have gained a practical understanding of administering database applications both on premises and on the cloud; you will also be able to scale database applications across all servers. What you will learn Perform advanced querying techniques such as indexing and expressions Configure, monitor, and maintain a highly scalable MongoDB environment Master replication and data sharding to optimize read/write performance Administer MongoDB-based applications on premises or on the cloud Integrate MongoDB with big data sources to process huge amounts of data Deploy MongoDB on Kubernetes containers Use MongoDB in IoT, mobile, and serverless environments Who this book is for This book is ideal for MongoDB developers and database administrators who wish to become successful MongoDB experts and build scalable and fault-tolerant applications using MongoDB. It will also be useful for database professionals who wish to become certified MongoDB professionals. Some understanding of MongoDB and basic database concepts is required to get the most out of this book.
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