Azure Resource Manager Templates Quick Start Guide

Autor: Ritesh Modi

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Compose and decompose ARM templates and use advanced concepts like looping, conditions, dependencies, PowerShell and Desired State Configuration. Key Features Design, implement, and unit test ARM templates Develop and deploy ARM templates following security best practices Book Description Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are declarations of Azure resources in the JSON format to provision and maintain them using infrastructure as code. This book gives practical solutions and examples for provisioning and managing various Azure services using ARM templates. The book starts with an understanding of infrastructure as code, a refresher on JSON, and then moves on to explain the fundamental concepts of ARM templates. Important concepts like iteration, conditional evaluation, security, usage of expressions, and functions will be covered in detail. You will use linked and nested templates to create modular ARM templates. You will see how to create multiple instances of the same resources, how to nest and link templates, and how to establish dependencies between them. You will also learn about implementing design patterns, secure template design, the unit testing of ARM templates, and adopting best practices. By the end of this book, you will understand the entire life cycle of ARM templates and their testing, and be able to author them for complex deployments. What you will learn Understand the foundations of ARM templates including nested and linked templates Design, create, and unit test ARM templates using best practices Learn about conditional deployments, looping, Custom Script Extensions using PowerShell, Bash, and DSC Implement design patterns related to ARM templates Run post-deployment PowerShell and Desired State Configuration scripts Create solutions and deploy them on Azure using ARM templates Who this book is for This books is for developers, DevOps engineers, and architects who have experience in Azure.
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