Kubernetes Design Patterns and Extensions

Autor: Onur Yilmaz

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Master the art of container management with Kubernetes and study robust container orchestration to ensure that your container-based applications sail into production without hiccups Key Features Implement best practices in cloud-native applications using Kubernetes Explore the usage of client libraries and programmatic access to Kubernetes Use your domain expertise to code Book Description Before plunging into how Kubernetes works, this book introduces you to the world of container orchestration and describes the recent changes in application development. You'll understand problems that Kubernetes solves and get to grips with using Kubernetes resources to deploy applications. In addition to this, you'll learn to apply the security model of Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes Design Patterns and Extensions describes how services running in Kubernetes can leverage the platform's security features. Once you've grasped all this, you'll explore how to troubleshoot Kubernetes clusters and debug Kubernetes applications. You also discover how to analyze the networking model and its alternatives in Kubernetes, and apply best practices with design patterns. By the end of this book, you'll have studied all about using the power of Kubernetes for managing your containers. What you will learn Understand and classify software designs as per the cloud-native paradigm Apply best practices in Kubernetes with design patterns Set up Kubernetes clusters in managed and unmanaged environments Explore Kubernetes extension points Extend Kubernetes with custom resources and controllers Integrate dynamic admission controllers Develop and run custom schedulers in Kubernetes Analyze networking models in Kubernetes Who this book is for Kubernetes Design Patterns and Extensions is for you if you are interested in configuring and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters and developing microservices-based applications on Kubernetes clusters. DevOps engineers with basic knowledge of Docker will also find this book useful. It is assumed that you are comfortable using command-line tools and programming concepts and languages.
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