Cloud-Native Continuous Integration and Delivery

Autor: Onur Yilmaz

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

This course teaches concepts by deep-dive on-hand exercises. Throughout the course, you will learn the required toolset by using both on-premise, open-source, and hosted cloud solutions. You'll find checklists, best practices, and critical points mentioned throughout the lessons, making things more interesting. Key Features Explains in detail cloud-native continuous integration and delivery Demonstrates how to run a build in a CI/CD system Shows continuous delivery to Docker Registry and continuous deployment to Kubernetes Book Description Cloud-native software development is based on developing distributed applications focusing on speed, stability, and high availability. With this paradigm shift, software development has changed substantially and converted into a more agile environment where distributed teams develop distributed applications. In addition, the environment where the software is built, tested and deployed has changed from bare-metal servers to cloud systems. In this course, the new concepts of cloud-native Continuous Integration and Delivery are discussed in depth. Cloud-native tooling and services such as cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud) containerization with Docker, container-orchestrators such as Kubernetes will be a part of this course to teach how to analyze and design modern software delivery pipelines. What you will learn Learn the basics of DevOps patterns for cloud-native architecture Learn the cloud-native way of designing CI/CD systems Create multi-stage builds and tests for Docker. Apply the best practices for Docker container images Experiment using GitLab CI/CD pipelines for continuous integration Build and test their applications on cloud Learn how to continuously deliver to Docker registry Learn how to continuously deploy to Kubernetes Experiment using GitLab CI/CD pipelines for Continuous Delivery Configure and deploy software to Kubernetes using Helm Who this book is for This book is ideal for professionals interested in cloud-native software development. To benefit the most from this book, you must be familiar with developing, building, testing, integrating, and deploying containerized microservices into cloud systems.
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