Salesforce Lightning Platform Enterprise Architecture

Autor: Andrew Fawcett, Wade Wegner

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

A comprehensive guide filled with best practices and tailor-made examples - a must-read for all Lightning Platform architects! Key Features Use the Lightning Platform to build integrated, scalable, and robust apps focused on enterprise-level customer demands Use the Lightning Component framework to deliver modern and responsive user experiences targeting multiple devices through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Mobile Extend your application with access to external services and AI Book Description Salesforce Lightning provides a secure and scalable platform to build, deploy, customize, and upgrade applications. This book will take you through the architecture of building an application on the Lightning platform to help you understand its features and best practices, and ensure that your app keeps up with your customers' increasing needs as well as the innovations on the platform. This book guides you in working with the popular aPaaS offering from Salesforce, the Lightning Platform. You'll see how to build and ship enterprise-grade apps that not only leverage the platform's many productivity features, but also prepare your app to harness its extensibility and customization capabilities. You'll even get to grips with advanced application architectural design patterns such as Separation of Concerns, Unit Testing and Dependency Integration. You will learn to use Apex and JavaScript with Lightning Web Components, Platform Events, among others, with the help of a sample app illustrating patterns that will ensure your own applications endure and evolve with the platform. Finally, you will become familiar with using Salesforce DX to develop, publish, and monitor a sample app and experience standard application life cycle processes along with tools such as Jenkins to implement CI/CD. By the end of this book, you will have learned how to develop effective business apps and be ready to explore innovative ways to meet customer demands. What you will learn Create and deploy AppExchange packages and manage upgrades Understand Enterprise Application Architecture patterns Customize mobile and desktop user experience with Lightning Web Components Manage large data volumes with asynchronous processing and big data strategies Implement Source Control and Continuous Integration Add AI to your application with Einstein Use Lightning External Services to integrate external code and data with your Lightning Application Who this book is for This book is for Lightning platform developers who want to discover the true potential of the platform to develop complex scalable applications for use in enterprise businesses.
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