Complete Vue.js 2 Web Development

Autor: Mike Street, Andrea Passaglia, Paul Halliday

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Become a pro in creating modern interactive web applications using this JavaScript framework Key Features Explore the exciting features of Vue.js 2 through interesting examples and practical recipes Craft highly modular applications using design patterns and the component architecture of Vue.js Learn how to utilize modern development tools by building applications with Vue.js Book Description This Learning Path is divided into three sections, with each section bringing you closer to developing high-end modern web applications with Vue.js 2. It starts with building example applications to get well versed with the Vue.js ecosystem. You will learn to use Vue.js by creating three single page applications that explore Vuex and vue-router, the standard Vue tools for caching data and routing URLs for your applications. Going further, the Learning Path will address some of the challenges in designing web applications with Vue.js. The Learning Path will have easy-to-follow recipes to help you tackle the challenges and craft dynamic front end. You will learn to integrate web utilities like Babel and Webpack to enhance your development workflow. Finally, towards the end, the course will introduce you to several design patterns to help you write clean, maintainable, and reusable codes with Vue framework. At the end of the Learning Path, you will be confident with expertise in leveraging all the components and productivity features of Vue.js and will be on your way to design your web applications and execute it by writing clean code. This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products: Vue.js 2.x by Example by Mike Street Vue.js 2 Cookbook by Andrea Passaglia Vue.js Design Patterns and Best Practices by Paul Halliday What you will learn Understand the fundamentals of Vue.js with practical examples Using vue-router dynamic routes to load data Build complex web interfaces using the Vue.js component system Use Webpack and Babel to enhance your development workflow Manage your application's state using Vuex Seamlessly implement routing in your single page applications Who this book is for The Learning Path is intended for JavaScript developers at any level of expertise who wants to learn Vue.js and develop productive web applications with the power of the latest Vue.js.
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