UI Testing with Puppeteer

Autor: Dario Kondratiuk

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Write fail-safe automation tests, device emulation, and browser automation using Puppeteer's Google-powered APIKey FeaturesGet up and running with Puppeteer and discover best practices for automation testingAutomate your modern web applications using Jest and Mocha with PuppeteerGenerate screenshots using Puppeteer and find out how they can be used for UI regression testsBook DescriptionPuppeteer is an open source web automation library created by Google to perform tasks such as end-to-end testing, performance monitoring, and task automation with ease. Using real-world use cases, this book will take you on a pragmatic journey, helping you to learn Puppeteer and implement best practices to take your automation code to the next level!Starting with an introduction to headless browsers, this book will take you through the foundations of browser automation, showing you how far you can get using Puppeteer to automate Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You'll then learn the basics of end-to-end testing and understand how to create reliable tests. You'll also get to grips with finding elements using CSS selectors and XPath expressions. As you progress through the chapters, the focus shifts to more advanced browser automation topics such as executing JavaScript code inside the browser. You'll learn various use cases of Puppeteer, such as mobile devices or network speed testing, gauging your site's performance, and using Puppeteer as a web scraping tool.By the end of this UI testing book, you'll have learned how to make the most of Puppeteer's API and be able to apply it in your real-world projects.What you will learnUnderstand browser automation fundamentalsExplore end-to-end testing with Puppeteer and its best practicesApply CSS Selectors and XPath expressions to web automationDiscover how you can leverage the power of web automation as a developerEmulate different use cases of Puppeteer such as network speed tests and geolocationGet to grips with techniques and best practices for web scraping and web content generationWho this book is forThe book is for QA engineers, testing professionals, and frontend web developers alike who want to perform end-to-end testing using Google's developer tools. Web developers who want to learn how to use Puppeteer for generating content, scraping websites, and evaluating website performance will also find this book useful. Although knowledge of Node.js isn't necessary, basic JavaScript knowledge will assist with understanding the concepts covered.
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