Practical Remote Pair Programming

Autor: Adrian Bolboaca

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

A practical guide for developers, development teams, and managers to successfully implement remote pair programming techniques and styles that better fit their organization's environmentKey FeaturesImplement remote pair programming best practices in your organization to increase productivity in software development teamsOvercome the challenges in communication while working with distributed teams across the globeExplore remote pair programming tools and learn smart ways to use them efficientlyBook DescriptionRemote pair programming takes pair programming practices to the next level by allowing you and your team members to work effectively in distributed teams. This helps ensure that you continuously improve code quality, share equal ownership of the code, facilitate knowledge sharing, and reduce bugs in your code. If you want to adopt remote pair programming within your development team, this book is for you. Practical Remote Pair Programming takes you through various techniques and best practices for working with the wide variety of tools available for remote pair programming. You'll understand the significance of pair programming and how it can help improve communication within your team. As you advance, you'll get to grips with different remote pair programming strategies and find out how to choose the most suitable style for your team and organization. The book will take you through the process of setting up video and audio tools, screen sharing tools, and the integrated development environment (IDE) for your remote pair programming setup. You'll also be able to enhance your remote pair programming experience with source control and remote access tools. By the end of this book, you'll have the confidence to drive the change of embracing remote pair programming in your organization and guide your peers to improve productivity while working remotely.What you will learnDevelop a structured organizational approach to implementing pair programming and using it effectivelyUnderstand how pair programming fosters better communication inside and outside the teamOrganize remote pair programming and choose the right style for your organizationSet up screen sharing, IDE, source control rules, audio, and video for your remote pair programming setupUse various pair programming techniques and styles in the context of a remote environmentEnhance your remote pair programming experience with source control and remote access toolsWho this book is forThis book is for any developer who wants to understand the different practical aspects involved in remote pair programming and adopt them in their existing development teams. If you're a team leader or technical manager, this book will serve as a manual for implementing remote pair programming covering the best resources for you to manage communication and collaboration using pair programming with your team members working remotely in distributed teams.
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