Building Cross-Platform GUI Applications with Fyne

Autor: Andrew Williams

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Understand how to use the Fyne toolkit to build exciting apps for a range of devices and deploy them effectivelyKey FeaturesLearn how to use standard widgets, dialogs, and layouts as well as how to build your ownUnderstand how to develop an app and package and distribute it to different operating systems and app storesExplore the design principles and vision of the Fyne toolkit and how that may align with your projectBook DescriptionThe history of graphical application development is long and complicated, with various development challenges that persist to this day. The mix of technologies involved and the need to use different programming languages led to a very steep learning curve for developers looking to build applications across multiple platforms. In Building Cross-Platform GUI Applications with Fyne, you'll understand how the Go language, when paired with a modern graphical toolkit such as Fyne, can overcome these issues and make application development much easier. To provide an easy-to-use framework for cross-platform app development, the Fyne project offers many graphical concepts and design principles that are outlined throughout this book. By working through five example projects, you'll learn how to build apps effectively, focusing on each of the main areas, including the canvas, layouts, file handling, widgets, data binding, and themes. The book will also show you how the completed applications can then be run on your desktop computer, laptop, and smartphone. After completing these projects, you will discover how to prepare applications for release and distribute them to platform marketplaces and app stores. By the end of this book, you'll be able to create cross-platform graphical applications with visually appealing user interfaces and concise code.What you will learnBecome well-versed with the history of GUI development and how Fyne and the Golang programming language make it easierExplore how the Fyne toolkit is architected and the various modules are providedDiscover how Fyne apps can be tested and constructed using best practicesConstruct five complete applications and deploy them to your devicesCustomize the design of your apps by extending widgets and themesUnderstand the separation and presentation of data and how to test and build applications that present dynamic dataWho this book is forThis Fyne-Golang GUI book is for developers from any background who are looking to build cross-platform applications with a modern toolkit. It will also be useful for Go developers who are looking to explore graphical apps and GUI developers looking for a new toolkit for cross-platform development. Basic knowledge of Graphical User Interface (GUI) development is assumed (although a brief history is also included in the book). The book also features a short introduction to the Go language as a quick refresher.
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