Becoming an Agile Software Architect

Autor: Rajesh R V

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

A guide to successfully operating in a lean-agile organization for solutions architects and enterprise architectsKey FeaturesDevelop the right combination of processes and technical excellence to address architectural challengesExplore a range of architectural techniques to modernize legacy systemsDiscover how to design and continuously improve well-architected sustainable softwareBook DescriptionMany organizations have embraced Agile methodologies to transform their ability to rapidly respond to constantly changing customer demands. However, in this melee, many enterprises often neglect to invest in architects by presuming architecture is not an intrinsic element of Agile software development. Since the role of an architect is not pre-defined in Agile, many organizations struggle to position architects, often resulting in friction with other roles or a failure to provide a clear learning path for architects to be productive. This book guides architects and organizations through new Agile ways of incrementally developing the architecture for delivering an uninterrupted, continuous flow of values that meets customer needs. You'll explore various aspects of Agile architecture and how it differs from traditional architecture. The book later covers Agile architects' responsibilities and how architects can add significant value by positioning themselves appropriately in the Agile flow of work. Through examples, you'll also learn concepts such as architectural decision backlog,the last responsible moment, value delivery, architecting for change, DevOps, and evolutionary collaboration. By the end of this Agile book, you'll be able to operate as an architect in Agile development initiatives and successfully architect reliable software systems.What you will learnAcquire clarity on the duties of architects in Agile developmentUnderstand architectural styles such as domain-driven design and microservicesIdentify the pitfalls of traditional architecture and learn how to develop solutionsUnderstand the principles of value and data-driven architectureDiscover DevOps and continuous delivery from an architect's perspectiveAdopt Lean-Agile documentation and governanceDevelop a set of personal and interpersonal qualitiesFind out how to lead the transformation to achieve organization-wide agilityWho this book is forThis agile study guide is for architects currently working on agile development projects or aspiring to work on agile software delivery, irrespective of the methodology they are using. You will also find this book useful if you're a senior developer or a budding architect looking to understand an agile architect's role by embracing agile architecture strategies and a lean-agile mindset. To understand the concepts covered in this book easily, you need to have prior knowledge of basic agile development practices.
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