Windows Server Automation with PowerShell Cookbook

Autor: Thomas Lee, Jeffrey Snover

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Over 100 PowerShell recipes for working more effectively with Windows Server 2022/2019Key FeaturesDevelop a holistic understanding of Windows Server 2022/2019 with PowerShell 7.1Learn best practices for PowerShell scripting to automate common tasks and manage AD, enterprise security, WMI, Azure, and .NET 5Discover new ways to optimize your PowerShell code by working through easy-to-follow recipesBook DescriptionWith a foreword from PowerShell creator Jeffrey Snover, this heavily updated edition is designed to help you learn how to use PowerShell 7.1 effectively and manage the core roles, features, and services of Windows Server 2022/2019 in an enterprise setting. Brand new to this edition are recipes exploring the .NET Framework, enterprise server security, and managing Windows Server with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). This latest edition equips you with over 100 recipes you'll need in day-to-day work, covering a wide range of fundamental and more advanced use cases. We look at how to install and configure PowerShell 7.1, along with useful new features and optimizations, and how the PowerShell compatibility solution bridges the gap to older versions of PowerShell. Topics include using PowerShell to manage networking and DHCP in Windows Server, objects in Active Directory, Hyper-V, and Azure. Debugging is crucial, so the book shows you how to use some powerful tools to diagnose and resolve issues with Windows Server.What you will learnPerform key admin tasks on Windows Server 2022/2019Keep your organization secure with JEA, group policies, logs, and Windows DefenderUse the .NET Framework for administrative scriptingManage data and storage on Windows, including disks, volumes, and filesystemsCreate and configure Hyper-V VMs, implementing storage replication and checkpointsSet up virtual machines, websites, and shared files on AzureReport system performance using built-in cmdlets and WMI to obtain single measurementsApply the right tools and modules to troubleshoot and debug Windows ServerWho this book is forThis book is for systems administrators, software architects, developers, or engineers working with Windows Server 2022/2019 seeking to automate tasks more effectively with PowerShell 7.1. Basic knowledge of PowerShell is expected.
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