Realize the full potential of Zabbix 7 with this updated third edition of the Zabbix 7 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Cookbook. Packed with new recipes and updated with the latest Zabbix functionalities, this guide covers everything you need, whether you’re setting up Zabbix with built-in (proxy) high availability, using LDAP JIT user provisioning, implementing low-level host discovery, or creating advanced triggers.This hands-on guide offers easy-to-follow recipes to use Zabbix 7 to monitor the performance of devices and applications across your network. You'll start by learning how to install Zabbix and examine its most prominent features, ensuring you make the right design choices to build a scalable and easily manageable environment. Each recipe is crafted to help you build items and triggers for different types of monitoring, create templates, and use Zabbix proxies. You'll also get to grips with using the Zabbix API for customization and managing your Zabbix server and database. Finally, you'll find quick solutions to the common and not-so-common problems that you may encounter in your Zabbix monitoring work.By the end of this book, you'll have expert insights into using Zabbix for all your monitoring needs and be able to build a solid Zabbix setup by leveraging its key functionalities.