ASP.NET Core 5 Secure Coding Cookbook

Autor: Roman Canlas, Ed Price

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn how to secure your ASP.NET Core web app through robust and secure codeKey FeaturesDiscover the different types of security weaknesses in ASP.NET Core web applications and learn how to fix themUnderstand what code makes an ASP.NET Core web app unsafeBuild your secure coding knowledge by following straightforward recipesBook DescriptionASP.NET Core developers are often presented with security test results showing the vulnerabilities found in their web apps. While the report may provide some high-level fix suggestions, it does not specify the exact steps that you need to take to resolve or fix weaknesses discovered by these tests. In ASP.NET Secure Coding Cookbook, you'll start by learning the fundamental concepts of secure coding and then gradually progress to identifying common web app vulnerabilities in code. As you progress, you'll cover recipes for fixing security misconfigurations in ASP.NET Core web apps. The book further demonstrates how you can resolve different types of Cross-Site Scripting. A dedicated section also takes you through fixing miscellaneous vulnerabilities that are no longer in the OWASP Top 10 list. This book features a recipe-style format, with each recipe containing sample unsecure code that presents the problem and corresponding solutions to eliminate the security bug. You'll be able to follow along with each step of the exercise and use the accompanying sample ASP.NET Core solution to practice writing secure code. By the end of this book, you'll be able to identify unsecure code causing different security flaws in ASP.NET Core web apps and you'll have gained hands-on experience in removing vulnerabilities and security defects from your code.What you will learnUnderstand techniques for squashing an ASP.NET Core web app security bugDiscover different types of injection attacks and understand how you can prevent this vulnerability from being exploitedFix security issues in code relating to broken authentication and authorizationEliminate the risks of sensitive data exposure by getting up to speed with numerous protection techniquesPrevent security misconfiguration by enabling ASP.NET Core web application security featuresExplore other ASP.NET web application vulnerabilities and secure coding best practicesWho this book is forThis ASP.NET Core book is for intermediate-level ASP.NET Core web developers and software engineers who use the framework to develop web applications and are looking to focus on their security using coding best practices. The book is also for application security engineers, analysts, and specialists who want to know more about securing ASP.NET Core using code and understand how to resolve issues identified by the security tests they perform daily.
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