With AWS, Azure, and GCP gaining prominence, mastering their unique features, ecosystems, and penetration testing protocols has become an indispensable skill, which is precisely what this pentesting guide for cloud platforms will help you achieve. As you navigate through the chapters, you’ll explore the intricacies of cloud security testing and gain valuable insights into how pentesters and red teamers evaluate cloud environments effectively.In addition to its coverage of these cloud platforms, the book also guides you through modern methodologies for testing containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, which are fast becoming staples in the cloud ecosystem. Additionally, it places extended focus on penetration testing AWS, Azure, and GCP through serverless applications and specialized tools. These sections will equip you with the tactics and tools necessary to exploit vulnerabilities specific to serverless architecture, thus providing a more rounded skill set.By the end of this cloud security book, you’ll not only have a comprehensive understanding of the standard approaches to cloud penetration testing but will also be proficient in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities that are unique to cloud environments.