In today's dynamic landscape, crafting robust and scalable Java web applications presents formidable challenges. Spring Boot emerges as the leading framework for web and microservices development, featuring a dynamic ecosystem and seamless integrations to address a spectrum of scenarios, from scaling apps on the cloud to deploying them to production. In this book, you’ll explore its streamlined, convention-over-configuration approach, simplifying application development.You’ll start by covering recipes showcasing Spring Boot's features. As you progress, you’ll understand how it helps streamline application development while staying ahead of technology trends. The book helps you grasp concepts effectively, explores basic REST APIs, shows you how to escalate to advanced scenarios, and tackle common cloud application challenges like security, scalability, performance optimization, and automated deployments. Dedicated sections are designed to help you stay ahead of the curve with recipes that delve into the latest trends such as containers, observability, native images, DevOps, test automation, and microservices, ensuring your applications align with evolving industry standards.By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build and automate the deployment of a scalable and high-performing distributed solution using Spring Boot 3.