This book is a comprehensive guide to the Streamlit open-source Python library and simplifying the process of creating web applications. Through hands-on guidance and realistic examples, you’ll progress from crafting simple to sophisticated web applications from scratch. This book covers everything from understanding Streamlit's central principles, modules, basic features, and widgets to advanced skills such as dealing with databases, hashes, sessions, and multipages.Starting with fundamental concepts like operation systems virtualization, IDEs, development environments, widgets, scripting, and the anatomy of web apps, the initial chapters set the groundwork. You’ll then apply this knowledge to develop some real web apps, gradually advancing to more complex apps, incorporating features like natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, dashboards with interactive charts, file uploading, and much more. The book concludes by delving into the implementation of advanced skills and deployment techniques.By the end of this book, you’ll have transformed into a proficient developer, equipped with advanced skills for handling databases, implementing secure login processes, managing session states, creating multipage applications, and seamlessly deploying them on the cloud.