The migration of computing to the edge is the logical progression of where computing is performed on aglobal scale. Edge computing is not a new paradigm but a necessary technology to address issues such as latency, service charges, reliability, connectivity, and privacy. This book walks you through the definition and architecture of edge computing systems and why they are critical in today’s ecosystem of IoT devices and an “everything connected” world.You will start your journey with an introduction to different edge computing hardware platforms, which vary by use case. From there, you’ll explore operating systems and middleware packages that manage edge devices such as Azure IoT. Then, you will explore communication systems such as near-range Bluetooth and RFID as well as long-range systems such as 5G. Networking protocols will be covered, which are the heart of edge systems. Technologies such as MQTT, which make up the backbone of edge to cloud communication, are examined. Then, you will move on to edge applications such as edge predictive AI and federated computing. We wrap up by investigating the security and vulnerability envelope of edge systems.This book is intended to quickly familiarize you with edge systems technologies and use cases, withoutburdening you with complicated jargon and low-level details.