Hands-On RESTful Web Services with Go

Autor: Naren Yellavula

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Design production-ready, testable, and maintainable RESTful web services for the modern web that scale easily Key Features Employ a combination of custom and open source solutions for application program interface (API) development Discover asynchronous API and API security patterns and learn how to deploy your web services to the cloud Apply design patterns and techniques to build reactive and scalable web services Book Description Building RESTful web services can be tough as there are countless standards and ways to develop API. In modern architectures such as microservices, RESTful APIs are common in communication, making idiomatic and scalable API development crucial. This book covers basic through to advanced API development concepts and supporting tools. You'll start with an introduction to REST API development before moving on to building the essential blocks for working with Go. You'll explore routers, middleware, and available open source web development solutions in Go to create robust APIs, and understand the application and database layers to build RESTful web services. You'll learn various data formats like protocol buffers and JSON, and understand how to serve them over HTTP and gRPC. After covering advanced topics such as asynchronous API design and GraphQL for building scalable web services, you'll discover how microservices can benefit from REST. You'll also explore packaging artifacts in the form of containers and understand how to set up an ideal deployment ecosystem for web services. Finally, you'll cover the provisioning of infrastructure using infrastructure as code (IaC) and secure your REST API. By the end of the book, you'll have intermediate knowledge of web service development and be able to apply the skills you've learned in a practical way. What you will learn Explore the fundamentals of API development and web services Understand the various building blocks of API development in Go Use superior open source solutions for representational state transfer (REST) API development Scale a service using microservices and asynchronous design patterns Deliver containerized artifacts to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Get to grips with API security and its implementation Who this book is for This book is for all the Go developers who are comfortable with the language and seeking to learn REST API development. Even senior engineers can enjoy this book, as it discusses many cutting-edge concepts, such as building microservices, developing API with GraphQL, using protocol buffers, asynchronous API design, and Infrastructure as a Code. Developers who are already familiar with REST concepts and stepping into the Go world from other platforms, such as Python and Ruby, can also benefit a lot.
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