The HTML and CSS Workshop

Autor: Lewis Coulson, Brett Jephson, Rob Larsen, Matt Park, Marian Zburlea

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Master HTML and CSS to create modern, stylish, and responsive websites with the help of real-world examples and hands-on activitiesKey FeaturesLearn HTML and CSS to produce highly functional and appealing websitesOvercome common challenges in web design and developmentEnsure that your websites are accessible and engaging on all devicesBook DescriptionWith knowledge of CSS and HTML, you can build visually appealing, interactive websites without relying on website-building tools that come with lots of pre-packaged restrictions. The HTML and CSS Workshop takes you on a journey to learning how to create beautiful websites using your own content, understanding how they work, and how to manage them long-term.The book begins by introducing you to HTML5 and CSS3, and takes you through the process of website development with easy-to-follow steps. Exploring how the browser renders websites from code to display, you'll advance to adding a cinematic experience to your website by incorporating video and audio elements into your code. You'll also use JavaScript to add interactivity to your site, integrate HTML forms for capturing user data, incorporate animations to create slick transitions, and build stunning themes using advanced CSS. You'll also get to grips with mobile-first development using responsive design and media queries, to ensure your sites perform well on any device.Throughout the book, you'll work on engaging projects, including a video store home page that you will iteratively add functionality to as you learn new skills.By the end of this Workshop, you'll have gained the confidence to creatively tackle your own ambitious web development projects.What you will learnUnderstand how websites are built, structured, and styledMaster the syntax and structure of HTML and CSSKnow how to build websites from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3Create intuitive forms that allow users to input dataStyle your website by integrating videos, animations, and themesDesign robust websites that work on all modern devices seamlesslyDiscover how to maintain and improve the performance of a websiteWho this book is for Ideal for beginners, this Workshop is designed for anyone who is new to HTML and CSS who wants to learn to design and maintain their own websites.
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