Higher Education in Sport in Europe

Wydawnictwo: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd.

Higher Education in Sport in Europe is a topical subject in several respects: academic sport education in European countries as an integral part of the European Higher Education Area on the one hand and sport itself as the subject matter of European politics on the other. This book illustrates both aspects against the backdrop of the European education reform processes (Bologna Process, Lisbon Strategy, Lifelong Learning, European Qualification Framework etc.) with focus on the Thematic Network Project "Aligning a European Higher Education Structure in Sport Science". The four-year project (2003 - 2007) has set up future guidelines for sport curricula in Sport Coaching, Health & Fitness, Sport Management and Physical Education in order to combine the academic quality and the European dimension with relevance to the labour market. This approach points to the ongoing proactive role played by Higher Education institutions.
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