Shotokan Karate Kata Vol.1

Autor: Joachim Grupp

Wydawnictwo: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd.

The Kata are the backbone of Karate. Continually practising them allows the whole spectrum of possibilities contained in Karate to be revealed. The Kata consist of a fascinating multitude of techniques that permit defence in close contact as well as at medium- and long- distance from your partner. Situations where the Kata can be applied are comprehensively explained in this book. Additionally, the special features of any Karate style are expressed through the Kata. The Kata contained in this book have their roots in the Shotokan Karate style. The book aims to assist in understanding them better, to get to know the situations when they can be applied, and to show how to improve them in the daily training routine as well as in grading tests and competitions. 13 Kata are presented in detail using the Bunkai method: • Heian 1 to Heian 5, Tekki 1 - the basic Kata up to the Brown Belt • Tekki 2 and Tekki 3 • Bassai-Dai, Empi, Jion, Hangetsu and Kanku-Dai - the first of the Master Kata
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