Key Clinical Trials in Erectile Dysfunction

Autor: Culley C. Carson

Wydawnictwo: Springer London

Contained within this short volume are some of the Key Clinical Trials relating to the medical treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). In an attempt to understand the potential significance, a critique of the studies’ strengths and weaknesses is included as well as a diagrammatic summary of the trial design and key results. Most of the studies have appeared in peer group reviewed journals and each trial included has been done so on the basis of the influence it will have on the treatment of ED. With the recent launch and continuing developments of new drugs in this field, the management of ED has become an increasingly important aspect of urological practice. It is estimated that over 20 million men in Europe alone suffer at some time in their life from ED. This is the first book to bring together in a single volume a critical review of all the major trials in ED.

It will be an essential reference for both clinicians and research workers in urology, sexual dysfunction and related disorders.

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