Sadistic Killers - Profiles of Pathological Predators

Autor: Carol Anne Davis

Wydawnictwo: Matrix Digital Publishing

Acclaimed crime writer Carol Anne Davis explores the minds of sadistic killers: their childhoods, their growing pathology and horrific crimes. Knowing what some of these killers endured doesn’t even begin to excuse their crimes – but it does explain them. Davis delineates the different subgroups of sadists – for example, those who kill indiscriminately – in Britain, the US and Australia. There are also chapters on: • female sadists, who tend to be overlooked by the media. • consensual sadomasochism – including a rare interview with a well-known female practitioner, Lynn Paula Russell. • input from a psychologist who has helped rehabilitate some of Britain’s most violent men. Sadistic Killers is a compelling look at the formative influences of a sadist and at his or her crimes. Unflinching in detail but never gratuitous, this is an informative read with a hopeful ending.
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