Delphi Complete Works of Johannes Vermeer (Illustrated)

Autor: Johannes Vermeer

Wydawnictwo: PublishDrive

This is the second volume of a new series of publications by Delphi Classics, the best-selling publisher of classical works. A first of its kind in digital print, the ‘Masters of Art’ series allows Kindle readers to explore the works of the world’s greatest artists in comprehensive detail. This volume presents the intimate beauty of the art of the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. Although relatively unknown for two centuries, Vermeer’s works are now prized among the most valuable in the world. And now you can own all of them in stunning colour on your eReader. Features:* the complete paintings of Johannes Vermeer* includes previously lost works, with annotations* concise introductions to the paintings, giving valuable contextual information* learn the secrets of the ALLEGORY OF HISTORY, THE MILK MAID and the interesting histories of stolen works* beautiful 'detail' images, allowing you to explore Vermeer's masterpieces as though in the gallery* images of other works and media texts relating to Vermeer’s works* a brief biography of the artist* hundreds of images in stunning colour - highly recommended for Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad users, or as a valuable reference tool on traditional KindlesCONTENTS:Brief BiographyThe PaintingsCHRIST IN THE HOUSE OF MARTHA AND MARYST. PRAXEDISDIANA AND HER COMPANIONSTHE PROCURESSA GIRL ASLEEPGIRL READING A LETTER AT AN OPEN WINDOWTHE LITTLE STREETOFFICER AND LAUGHING GIRLTHE MILKMAIDTHE GLASS OF WINETHE GIRL WITH TWO MENVIEW OF DELFTGIRL INTERRUPTED AT HER MUSICWOMAN IN BLUE READING A LETTERTHE MUSIC LESSONWOMAN HOLDING A BALANCEWOMAN WITH A PEARL NECKLACEWOMAN WITH A LUTEYOUNG WOMAN WITH A JUGTHE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRINGA LADY WRITINGGIRL WITH A RED HATGIRL WITH A FLUTETHE CONCERTTHE ART OF PAINTINGHEAD OF A YOUNG WOMANMISTRESS AND MAIDTHE ASTRONOMERTHE GEOGRAPHERTHE LOVE LETTERTHE LACEMAKERLADY WRITING A LETTER WITH HER MAIDALLEGORY OF FAITHTHE GUITAR PLAYERA LADY STANDING AT THE VIRGINALA LADY SEATED AT THE VIRGINALA YOUNG WOMAN SEATED AT THE VIRGINALS
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