Delphi Complete Works of Leonardo da Vinci (Illustrated)

Autor: Leonardo da Vinci

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<strong>The genius of Leonardo da Vinci epitomises, more than that of any other figure, the Renaissance humanist ideal. The Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect and engineer produced some of the most influential masterpieces of Western art, which remain the most widely popular and influential paintings of the Renaissance. Leonardo’s notebooks reveal a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were quite simply centuries ahead of their time. Delphi’s ‘Masters of Art’ series allows digital readers to explore the works of the world’s greatest artists in comprehensive detail.  This volume presents the complete works of Leonardo da Vinci, the world's greatest painter, in beautiful detail, with concise introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 2)</strong></p>Features:<br>* The complete paintings of Leonardo da Vinci<br>* Includes previously lost works, with annotations<br>* Concise introductions to the paintings and other works, giving valuable contextual information<br>* Learn the secrets of the MONA LISA, the history of THE LAST SUPPER and the meaning behind THE VITRUVIAN MAN<br>* Includes Leonardo’s drawings and his complete notebooks, with plates<br>* Special criticism section, with essays by critics such as Sigmund Freud<br>* Features two biographies on Leonardo's life, including Vasari's famous biography<br>* Enlarged ‘Detail’ images, allowing you to explore Leonardo’ celebrated works in detail, as featured in traditional art books<br>* Hundreds of images in stunning colour – highly recommended for viewing on tablets and smart phones or as a valuable reference tool on more conventional eReaders<br>* Easily locate the paintings you want to view<br>* Scholarly ordering of plates into chronological order <br>* UPDATED with improved images and recently attributed works</p>Please visit: to browse our range of art eBooks</p>CONTENTS:</p>The Paintings<br>TOBIAS AND THE ANGEL<br>MADONNA OF THE POMEGRANATE<br>THE MADONNA OF THE CARNATION<br>THE BAPTISM OF CHRIST<br>THE ANNUNCIATION<br>THE BENOIS MADONNA<br>PORTRAIT OF GINEVRA DE’ BENCI<br>ST. JEROME IN THE WILDERNESS<br>THE ADORATION OF THE MAGI<br>THE VIRGIN OF THE ROCKS (LOUVRE)<br>THE VIRGIN OF THE ROCKS (NATIONAL GALLERY)<br>THE HEAD OF A WOMAN<br>LITTA MADONNA<br>LADY WITH AN ERMINE<br>PORTRAIT OF A MUSICIAN<br>LA BELLE FERRONNIÈRE<br>THE LAST SUPPER<br>THE MADONNA OF THE YARNWINDER<br>MONA LISA<br>THE VIRGIN AND CHILD WITH ST. ANNE<br>LEDA AND THE SWAN<br>ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST<br>BACCHUS (ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST)<br>THE BATTLE OF ANGHIARI<br>SALVATOR MUNDI<br>PORTRAIT OF A LADY IN PROFILE<br>MADONNA AND CHILD WITH ST. JOSEPH</p>The Drawings<br>THE VITRUVIAN MAN<br>THE VIRGIN AND CHILD WITH ST. ANNE AND ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST<br>SELF-PORTRAIT<br>STUDY OF HORSES<br>OTHER DRAWINGS</p>The Notebooks<br>THE NOTEBOOKS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI<br>THOUGHTS ON ART AND LIFE</p>The Criticism<br>LEONARDO DA VINCI by Sigmund Freud<br>Extract from ‘THE RENAISSANCE’ by Walter Pater<br>Extract from ‘ESSAYS ON ART’ by A. Clutton-Brock</p>The Biographies<br>LIFE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI by Giorgio Vasari<br>LEONARDO DA VINCI by MAURICE W. BROCKWELL</p>Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles or to buy the whole Art series as a Super Set

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