Autor: Richard Marman

Wydawnictwo: Abela Publishing

The McAlister Line jumps forward into the 21st C. and in an instant the developed world is destroyed and plunged into anarchy. Can Zach McAlister, Karen Davenport and Mike Farrow survive as they’re thrust into a feral and deadly new order?Not only must they come to terms with their Stone Age environment and the use of only Medieval technology, but also face the terror of marauding tribal gangs, whose only method of survival is violence and conquest.Will they be able to forge a future themselves and their descendants? The question can only be answered through their courage, determination and friendship. But, is that enough?---------------------Set in Australia and South East Asia, the McAlister's Spark is a meeting and merging of Schute’s “On the Beach” and “Mad Max” with all its full-on action. Action and adventure abounds which keeps you turning the pages, it is a thrilling and entertaining read for lovers of the Action and Adventure genre as well as teenagers and young adults.
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