Saint Francis of Assisi

Autor: Candide Chalippe

Wydawnictwo: Interactive Media

Saint Francis of Assisi represented the poor and peace, just as the newly elected Pole Francis who reportedly chose the name of St. Francis for his virtues of truth and goodness. This book follows the story of Saint Francis, the son of a wealthy Venetian banker who joined the poor in a pilgrimage to Rome, rejected his worldly life, and began preaching on the streets. The book is a well written reliable resource, instructive, elevating and inspiring. The facts and legends mentioned are drawn from the oldest and most reliable sources. The abundance of incidents and anecdotes not to be found elsewhere make the volume eminently interesting, while the reflections and applications which the author now and then interweaves with the narrative are so replete with practical hints on spiritual life, that they will undoubtedly produce the best spiritual results in the reader.
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