Cinderfella and Princess Charming: Witch Hunters

Autor: T.K. Wrathbone

Wydawnictwo: Royal Star Publishing

What do you get when you mix a lonely princess, an orphan boy coming of age, and an evil stepmother together? A Right Royal Tiff! Princess Charming is a lonely young princess preparing for her eighteenth birthday ball and yearning to be free, yet on the day itself learns a horrible secret only her parents could tell her. Cinderfella, a lonely but newly titled young Baron orphaned after the death of his father, refuses to play by his evil stepmother’s rules and decides to go to the ball after all. Madame Neila, the evil stepmother, wants only two things in life, her dead husband’s fortuitous estate and Princess Charming, and she will stop at nothing to get both of them. When secrets are kept and secrets are told, years of martial arts training comes in handy for Cinderfella and Princess Charming when they find out what the evil Madame Neila is really up to.
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