Hantel and Gresel: Food Critics

Autor: T.K. Wrathbone

Wydawnictwo: Royal Star Publishing

We all know the story of Hansel and Gretel, right? But do you know the story about Hantel and Gresel? Once upon a time in some weird German black forest cake land lived twins called Hantel and Gresel. They were poor, starving children, but after being sent into the forest for food by their mother they were starving no more, for they had found the motherlode of all food. Sure it was built in the style of a house… And sure a lonely old woman lived there… But surely she didn’t mind sharing with two starving children…? Needless to say, she soon put Hantel and Gresel to work to support their newly acquired sugar addiction and that’s how they became the world famous food critics they are today. Ah, their long life was oh so good…and fattening…and sweet…until they found out about the deep dark secret curse being kept from them…
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