Autor: L.J. Diva

Wydawnictwo: Royal Star Publishing

L.J. Diva’s Porn Star Brothers series continues in Forever They became the biggest stars in the history of ’70s porn. Now the Porn Star Brothers, Carlo, Pedro, and Tomas Stefan, are trying to get back to living normal lives out of the spotlight and away from the high drama that plagued them for so many months. The kidnappers are dead, they’ve been cleared of all charges, and their porn careers are over. It’s time for the next big step in their lives… Love, Marriage, and Babies! For Carlos and Pedro that is… Since gay men can’t get married in the ’70s, Tomas struggles after his life-altering experiences to find his way to a new life with soulmate and porn star partner, Roger Dencott. But true love can only get them so far in the gay-hating real world away from the cameras… Can true love conquer the world for all three Porn Star Brothers and will it be their Forever…?
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