The Emerald Tablet: Omnibus Edition

Autor: JM Hart

Wydawnictwo: JMH World Publishing

Reality disintegrates when the emerald tablet is stolen from the tomb of Thoth. Seven teenagers  – with untapped spiritual gifts -  must unite to return the Tablet before the universe implodes. What if you had untapped supernatural abilities? What if you could manipulate time and space and open doorways into a parallel universe? Or move things with your mind? The Emerald Tablet- Omnibus Edition combines Shadows of Doubt, Immersion and Convergence. Humanity’s fate resides in the hands of seven young teenagers — Sophia, Casey, Kevin, Jade, Tim, Shaun and Rachel — whose untapped spiritual gifts include telekinesis, astral travel, telepathy, prophecy, and travel between worlds. The universe is inexorably pushing them to harness their abilities to save Earth. An archaeological team discovers the tomb of Thoth. Unaware that the Emerald Tablet of Thoth is a seal keeping closed the gate to Hell, Grady steals the Emerald Tablet, to sell and pay for what he hopes will be a cure, to save his dying wife. Grady's son, Shaun, is with him at the dig site, becoming a terrified witness to the exodus of a dense mass of shape-shifting micro-beasts from the tomb of Thoth. With the seal to the underworld removed, these parasitic beasts are free to pursue their one goal: to consume humankind, the inhabitants of God’s ‘seventh world’. The veil between our world and the world of ghosts, lost souls, and demons is disintegrating. While the angels do battle above, the seven teenagers fight their own personal demons to overcome all obstacles and find the Emerald Tablet. It must be returned to its rightful place before the last blowing of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, or there will be no new year to celebrate. Click the link and buy the Omnibus Edition of the Emerald Tablet serial today, and start reading now.
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