The Emerald Tablet: Convergence

Autor: JM Hart

Wydawnictwo: JMH World Publishing

Her light will be pure, and she will be spat from the mouth of hell. The she-devil is relentless and comes for the children in the night. The veil between the two worlds is rapidly disintegrating. The traumatic loss of a loved one affects everyone in the house, but Sophia knows it’s time to leave. Kevin opens a doorway through time and space hoping it leads them to the Emerald Tablet. They fall into darkness, into a dungeon under a castle. It’s a race against the clock to steal and return the tablet. The book of life is judged. The statue of Thoth silently awaits deep in a cave on a platform, thirty-six giant steps high, at the edge a spiraling vortex of evil. The chances are - they won’t make it. Click the link and buy book three, Convergence in the Emerald Tablet serial today, and start reading now.
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