Unbreaking the Girl

Autor: Adrian Simon

Wydawnictwo: Naked Eye Creative

My father’s last words to me? ‘You’re out of control, Jan, heading towards a red light.’ What happens when you’re in the all the wrong places, with all the wrong people, making all the wrong choices? It may look like that from the outside. But these are the real questions: who and what is right, and who gets to decide? The mid-70s. Needing to escape the ghosts of her tortured past, Jan turns to dancing in the seedy underbelly of Australia’s notorious Kings Cross in order to fund her way out. Spirited, brave, and very, very broken, she travels throughout Sumatra, Indonesia and Nepal, her strength returning day by day. Fast forward a year or so to Delhi and Jan is desperate for money, selling her blood just to get by. Reconnecting with a former associate, she is propositioned with a tempting offer and faces what turns out to be a life altering decision. But returning home is not an option, so the dice is rolled but little did Jan know, these dice were loaded. Transporting contraband through the shifting sands of Pakistan and northern India’s deserts; to the lush rainforests of Madagascar and the devastated, poverty-stricken cities in Bangladesh, Jan becomes a key player in some major, age-old political conflicts raging through these blood-soaked lands. Determined to take control and find her independence, Jan finds love; not once, but twice - at the same time - and the battle for her heart and life begins. Things seemingly take an upward turn for Jan: holidays on houseboats in Kashmir, opulent dinners and penthouse suites in five star hotels, designer clothes and so much cash! But these men, whilst offering her the world, are placing Jan in very real danger; and when all goes to hell, as it inevitably does, she is alone again and learns the hard way that no one is coming to save her. From the author of Milk-Blood, Unbreaking the Girl is a visually stunning tale of travel, action and more than a little romance. The ultimate story of one very strong woman and the men who loved her, Unbreaking the Girl has an ending that will leave you holding your breath. ‘I have my reasons for why my life is the way it is, and when push comes to shove, you do what you have to do, for no one else will! I know now my sins are my own to bear and I’ll be the judge of them from here on out as I alone must live with them. As for the sins imposed on me by others? Well, only death will resolve that shit.’ – Jan, Unbreaking the Girl, by Adrian Simon
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