The Dark Phoenix (The String Weavers - Book 3)

Autor: J.a. Marlow

Wydawnictwo: J.a. Marlow

Not all Phoenix ally with the Weavers.Not all Phoenix mean the Weavers well.Some Phoenix have an agenda all their own...When Kelsey Hale and her team respond to a Weaver emergency beacon they find a Universal Group filled with Phoenix. Not unusual, considering the Phoenix repair Strings, too. Then, one turns to attack.Her team scrambles to rescue the injured member of a Weaver team and stop Professor Hadrian. All while avoiding Phoenix acting in a way never seen before. But, Kelsey did once…...In memories her Weaver band shares in her dreams.Join Kelsey Hale in a coming of age science fiction adventure across alternate universes and encounters with alien planets, species and societies. Thrust into a dangerous journey to places she could have never imagined, she is determined to discover the truth of her mysterious past. A truth that will change her life forever.Titles in "The String Weaver" SeriesThe String WeaversThe Phoenix EggsThe Dark PhoenixThe DividersThe Tower of EpnosWhen the Skies FellCelestial Fire
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