Junkyard Dog Collection

Autor: Charley Marsh

Wydawnictwo: Timberdoodle Press

GET the first three novellas of the Junkyard Dog series in one collection. JUNKYARD DOG Major Margarita King loves her job.  Loves the feel of deep space between the stars.  Loves her ship. Until the day someone she trusts sends her out to die. Book One of The Junkyard Dog series introduces ace pilot Margarita King with a smart and edgy tale of betrayal in space. KRAKEN BLUES Rita King needs rest and relaxation. Lots of it. She heads to Harmos. Old Earth blues and jazz clubs, fresh seafood, and best of all, Rose’s Bath House. When Rita finds Rose unconscious and bleeding Rose will say only one thing: ”They’re back.”  The next day Rose disappears. Join Margarita King as she faces a deep-seated fear to uncover the secret of the mysterious “they.” DEADLY CARGO Ex-Red Baron Margarita King heads to the colorful and peaceful planet Weegan for ship repairs. But the frightened Weegans warn her off. Refuse to let her land near their village. Margarita’s unerring nose for trouble won’t let her move on until she discovers the reason why. A gripping tale of high stakes on a distant planet in the galaxy, Deadly Cargo delivers another action adventure with space pilot Margarita King.
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