Welcome back to Salvaggio’s Light, the epic contemporary romance series delving into the life of Rafe Salvaggio and the many people in her life—from family and friends to lovers and enemies.Rafe Salvaggio is cautiously awaiting Eden’s answer about signing a cohabitation agreement. At work, she is reaping the benefits of being awarded a substantial grant and preparing for the publicity and a party to celebrate the award. Abby and Jude try to help Rafe deal with the stress of negative publicity and bring a special friend along.Eden Kingsley knows their relationship is still in a fragile state but can’t help feeling elated about being in Rafe’s life again. Her hope is that they win the upcoming court case so Rafe will believe they will be a family again. Mason expands on his plan and recruits Trouble to help pull it off. Jake is desperate to get his mission back on track and get out from under Mason’s thumb. Will Rafe find out the truth about Jake and Eden? Where will Eden’s lies lead? Will Jake succeed at the task Mason gave him and take back all that he lost? Get ready to settle back into this drama-filled contemporary romance entwined with comedy, lust, danger, thrills, regret, tragedy, suspense, and love with Sowers of Discord, the next step in the journey.WARNINGIt is suggested that readers of this story be adults over the age of eighteen. This dramatic series has many scenes describing sex as well as intense emotional scenes and acts of violence. This is a serial story with themes that flow from one book into another with lots of twists and turns. Reading this series from the beginning is highly suggested, or the reader may not be able to follow all of the story lines.