Autor: C. L. Cattano

Wydawnictwo: Vagary Publishing

Welcome back to Salvaggio’s Light, the epic contemporary romance series delving into the life of Rafe Salvaggio and the many people in her life—from family and friends to lovers and enemies. Get ready to settle back into this drama-filled romance entwined with comedy, lust, danger, thrills, regret, tragedy, suspense, and love with Traditoré, the next step in the journey. Rafe Salvaggio is working to get everything in her life back on track. She hopes by changing her priorities, she can relive some of the pressure she is under from Eden and their friends. Eden Kingsley is dealing with a lot of new information about Rafe courtesy of Julia. She is also beginning to feel the weight of the promises she made to Rafe about the secrets Rafe shared with her. She hopes focusing on Rafe’s birthday and enjoying family time will help strengthen their relationship.  Julia Hawthorn is biding her time, hoping things will work out for her own agenda. You won’t want to miss any of the action in this epic drama as Traditoré, book eight of the Salvaggio’s Light serial, continues the journey of this epic contemporary romance. WARNING It is suggested that readers of this story are adults over the age of eighteen. This dramatic series has many scenes describing sex as well as intense emotional scenes and acts of violence. This is a serial story with themes that flow from one book into another with lots of twists and turns. Reading this series from the beginning is highly suggested, or the reader may not be able to follow all of the storylines. Go to the Salvaggio’s Light Facebook page to join other readers who are talking about the series. Join the C L Cattano mailing list and check out my website at
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