Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brand

Autor: JR MacGregor

Wydawnictwo: CAC Publishing LLC

What is it about him that makes him a super achiever? What about him can turn an idea into a world-changing mega-company? What about him is like you and what isn’t? What can you learn from him?  Read, and find out. The need to understand those around us who succeed beyond our own imagination is inherent in all of us. The innate desire is driven by our deep and underlying need to find better ways for us to achieve our own goals, understand our own dreams, and rise to our unique challenges.  This book is about the underlying events in the life of Jeff Bezos and the ways in which it influenced his life, the way he responded to them, and in the way he used them to his advantage. The book doesn’t claim to know the fibers that made the content of his heart - no man can know that. But what it does is string together multiple events and sees the shadows that it casts. All that so that you can find the elements inside you that could be the seed of success, achievement and greatness. The story of Bezos traces a path through his life as a youth and looks at his action and his achievements and deciphers the existence of his greatest achievement – Amazon - in a way that is reflective of his character, his intellect and his upbringing. His story is unlike any of the other successful people in history. His brand of work ethic is familiar but different. Don’t wait any longer! Scroll up and click the ‘Buy Now’ button to learn more about the richest man on the planet!
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