Digital Horror Fiction Anthology

Autor: Jason A. Wyckoff

Wydawnictwo: Digital Fiction Publishing Corp

DIGITAL HORROR FICTION ANTHOLOGY25 Horror Fiction Short Stories2:51, Behind the Caterpillar — Gregory L. NorrisA Dream for Sugar — Bruce MemblattA Pocket of Madness — Samuel MarzioliAces and Kings — David M. HoenigThe Animals — Aaron GudmunsonThe Borrowed Man — James DorrHis Own Personal Golgotha — Geoff BrownBuilding Condemned (Seeking Asylum) — Adrian LudensCompartmental — Jay CaselbergDemocracy — Larry HinkleDemon Driver — Adrian ColeLate for Eisheth — Tracie McBrideGiving at the Office — Geoff GanderShadows of the Darkest Jade — Sarah HansIntermediary — Jason A. WyckoffArk of the Lonesome — Jenner MichaudSdroW — Bruce Lockhart 2nd & Suzie LockhartRoadkill — C.M. SaundersSapphire Eyes Shining — Rie Sheridan RoseSuggestive Thoughts — H.L. FullertonSymeon — Bill ZagetThe Good Life — Michelle MellonThe Great White Bed — Don WebbThe River Slurry — Rue KarneyWhere There Is Life — Renee MillerScroll up and grab your copy today.Thank you for your interest in our novel. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it. - Digital Fiction Website: Facebook: Twitter: @DigitalFicPub
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