N.W.A: The Aftermath (Behind The Music Tales)

Autor: Harris Rosen

Wydawnictwo: Peace! Carving

The only N.W.A book with 7 exclusive interviews, and links to 16 critical background interviews and 26 songs. DR. DRE: Tupac never knew me.ICE CUBE: I just do shit for Ice Cube fans, not for Hip-Hop fans. YELLA: Me and Dre produced all Eazy, N.W.A. All of that. Me and him did that together. JERRY HELLER: There are people that think that I am the white DevilExclusive 1996 and 1999 interviews with Dr. Dre.Exclusive 2001 and 2006 interviews with Ice Cube.Exclusive 1996 interview with Yella.Exclusive 2003 interview with Westside Connection, and distinctive invite-only 1996 Bow Down press conference at Priority Records HQ.Exclusive 2006 interview with Jerry HellerN.W.A: The Aftermath is the fourth book from the Behind the Music Tales series. These exclusive behind the scenes interviews deliver N.W.A as you have never heard them before. Combined the interviews provide a first-hand history of N.W.A with a view to the future. A key look into the state of mind of these legendary figures who existed within the heart of arguably the most infamous and dark period in modern contemporary music history, in which lives were tragically lost.Each chapter will unravel the truth and give you new insight. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn what really happened.What was Eazy-E’s all consuming desire?How did Jerry Heller feel after listening to “No Vaseline”?When did Yella find out Eazy-E had AIDS?What really happened in the Ice Cube Vs Cypress Hill war?What really went on behind the scenes at Death Row?What did Dr. Dre think of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Tha Doggfather album?Why did people say Dr. Dre fell off?Who had the money lined up to produce an N.W.A movie in 2006?How did Ice Cube go from burning to turning Hollywood?And much more!Much of what you will read here has been sensationalized by others. N.W.A: The Aftermath is as close to the truth as one can get. It delivers raw thoughts by real people and is manifested directly in the voice and words of who made it happen. Alternately triumphant and tragic, lively, uplifting and resentful, each tells a distinct story, creating an intimate portrait as fearless as its subjects. SCROLL UP & BUY!
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