The Faithful Heart

Autor: Helena Halme

Wydawnictwo: Helena Halme

‘Helena Halme keeps us on tenterhooks right to the last minute.’Debbie Young, Author & Book BloggerIs there a happy ever after?Newly married to her dreamy Navy Officer husband, Kaisa’s happiness is shattered when she discovers her hard-fought degree from Finland is less than useless in Britain. She’s suddenly faced with a lonely life in the shadow of Peter’s brilliant career, which takes him away to sea, unreachable during his long submarine patrols.Enter rich, charming and clever Duncan, who seems to have all the answers to Kaisa’s problems. With Peter away, can the lonely and bored Kaisa resist Duncan’s advances?Can Peter and Kaisa’s love stay on course?A standalone read, The Faithful Heart is the second novel in The Nordic Heart Romance Series, which follows the tumultuous 1980’s love affair between the Finnish-born Kaisa and British Navy officer, Peter.Read this stylish European love story now!Previously published as The Navy Wife. 
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