The Young Heart

Autor: Helena Halme

Wydawnictwo: Helena Halme

‘Wonderfully intimate and honest.’ Pauliina Ståhlberg, Director of The Finnish Institute in LondonShe’s just 14. He’s 21 and a grown man. Is she too young to fall in love?Kaisa is the new girl in town – again. When a messy divorce forces Kaisa’s mother to move to a small flat in an island suburb of Helsinki, Kaisa isn’t looking forward to another new school. But soon she meets Vappu Noren and begins to spend all her days in Vappu’s large, chaotic house, filled with her three unruly siblings and their friends.Matti loves Kaisa at first sight. She is just the kind of innocent girl he’s been looking for. Infatuated with her pale blue eyes, he makes careful plans to seduce Kaisa on Midsummer’s Eve.But is Kaisa too young to fall in love?If you like an honest and intimate true love story, you will adore this ‘Nordic Lolita’ by Helena Halme.A standalone read, The Young Heart is a prequel to The Nordic Heart Romance Series, which follows the tumultuous 1980’s love affair between the Finnish-born Kaisa and British Navy officer, Peter.Read this stylish European love story today!Previously published as The Finnish Girl. 
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