The Christmas Heart

Autor: Helena Halme

Wydawnictwo: Helena Halme

Tall, dark and handsome, Tom is out to have some fun. Kaisa doesn’t think she’ll ever fall in love again. But when the two meet on the beautiful snow-capped Swedish Alps, sparks fly. With his beloved mother passed, Tom is forced to leave his two teenage sons in Milan with his ex and is looking forward to an uncomplicated Christmas skiing holiday. When her daughter Rosa is away backpacking in the Far East, Kaisa decides to take a rare winter break over the holidays with her best friend Tuuli. Kaisa doesn’t think she’ll ever fall in love again. But when she sees Tom after some thirty years, her heart begins to beat a little faster. Kaisa knows, however, an affair with Tom will go nowhere. Years ago, they had a disastrous date, which neither of them wishes to revisit. Yet, on the slopes and in the apres-ski bars Tom showers Kaisa with his attentions and she finds she cannot resist his intense eyes and passionate kisses. Can Kaisa trust this European Casanova, and her own sudden infatuation? The Christmas Heart is a seasonal story of grown-up love and the final book in the acclaimed Nordic Heart series, but can also be read as a stand-alone story. Get this feel-good Nordic holiday romance today!  
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