Autor: Bernard Jean Pierre

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

In New York, the elections are approaching, but the Mayor of the city has a formidable opponent, Keissel! Keissel, is a ruthless and dangerous man! A firearms maniac with retrograde ideas, and forced by his ideas intolerant, the Mayor of New York to do the same. But no luck for Keissel! A little teenager named Rose who lives on the street, will mess up these ideas, demonic and pernicious. More information on the story: Indeed ! This little violinist from Europe, walking alone and wandering the streets of New York. People do not know! Who is she, where does she come from? But Rose is naive, and in her world and who is hostile and unknown to her, she manages to survive, as she can! Keissel, him, the power is the weapons, but Rose, she has only her violin, but yet without knowing it! The little girl in the streets, will change the heart of history, that of the city, and maybe well! That of the whole of America.
Wyślemy Ci maila, gdy książka pojawi sie w sprzedaży

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