Language and meaning of flowers

Autor: Daphne & Cloe

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New Edition.Knowing the meaning and language of flowers is crucial for not giving a bad impression and never go wrong kind of flowers for every occasion. Find out which flower to give according to each context. In nature there are different languages.The most admired is certainly that of flowers, extremely symbolic species, both in the myths of the past and in more recent tradition. There are so many, in fact, the legends that feature flowers and their various and numerous meanings.Of course, the term "language" does not mean that the flowers speak, although on closer look, sometimes it seems to tell us something. With flowers, in fact, you can say without speaking, expressing emotions and feelings even unmentionable.The flowers, in fact, are assigned different meanings. Many species have flourished a sacred meaning, almost religious.This language belongs to white flowers in general, the highest expression of candor and innocence. Opposite meaning, however, for the flowers of red, where it symbolizes love and passion. There are also red flowers that do not necessarily express feelings of love or falling in love. We cite, for example, amaranth, plant leaves with dark red or amaranth, in fact. This species does not wither and that is this characteristic that in the language of flowers is considered as the plant of eternal friendship. The flowers of capricious are the snapdragon and aquileia, it also symbolizes selfishness. Discover the true language of flowers you can use them and give them away to express or to declare their emotions, either downward or upward. Of course, we hope that the flowers are always given away for positive reasons, maybe even sentimental. Saying "I love you" with a flower is worth much more than in the words. It 'so important to know a priori the flowers with a meaning of love.Index:AcanthusAchilleaAconiteAgapanthusAmaryllisAnemoneAnthuriumAquilegia or ColumbineAzaleaBegoniaBeautiful NighthawthornBignoniaSnapdragonBorageBouganvilleSnowdropCalendula or MarigoldCallaCamelliaBluebellCyclamenClematisImperial crownDahliaDigitalCornflowerPeach flowersGaillardiaGardeniaCarnationJasmineGeraniumHyacinthWhite lilySunflowerDaffodilGladiolusWisteriaHibiscusIrisLavenderLilacLotusMagnoliaMallowDaisyLily of the valleyNarcissusNasturtiumWater lilyDo not forget meHydrangeaPoppyPassionflowerPeonyPeriwinklePetuniaPrimroseRhododendronRed RoseDark red roseWhite RosePink RoseYellow RoseOrange RoseLilac RoseViolet RoseBlue roseBlack RoseWild RoseEdelweissTulipVeronicaVioletPansy
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